Read some of the things our clients had to say about Cimamusic Mix & Mastering:


I recently started working with Ricky to record a few songs with my punk rock band. He’s a very patient and knowledgeable producer, with a whole lot of great equipment he’s collected over the years. He’s generous with his time, and really feels like another creative influence in the band, not just an add-on like most others. Great sense of humor as well. I can’t recommend Ricky enough!


Wow! Such a great experience working with Ricky.  I’ve been in the studio before and I’ve paid big money before but all they wanted was my money. Ricky provided the best recording experience by a long shot.  He works quickly and efficiently. His attention to detail is unmatched. He has great ideas and pulls out the creativity within you. Ricky is a great listener and wants to understand what you are trying to accomplish. He did a fantastic job of helping my band “Curfew.”  We not only got what we wanted but he took it to another level. I can’t thank him enough.


My band worked with Ricky on our first album- wow! Ricky is extremely professional, has a fantastic knowledge of music, and just made our album sound incredible. He is easy to work with and very knowledgeable. He was receptive to what we wanted for our album and did a great job making it happen! I would highly recommend working with Ricky if you want to put out an album or do any musical recording project. I hope to work with Ricky on every album moving forward!

P.S. Rick is also very flexible with his availability, which I really appreciate!

Best recording experience EVER!


I have recorded two songs with Ricky Wascher at Cimamusic Mix and Mastering. Both songs sound fantastic and exceeded my expectations. I have been writing/preforming/recording since 2001. I mainly write songs in the power pop/indie rock genre. In terms of production value and overall sound, I would proudly place these next to any recording in a similar genre. Our tracking was efficient. We started around 10:00 AM and were able to complete Drums, Bass, Guitar, and Vocals by 3:00 PM. I am not an expert in recording equipment, but bandmates with expensive, vintage tastes were duly impressed by the various mics and knobby things. Ricky was affable and friendly and (again, not a recording expert) seemed to have a mastery of the tools of the trade. The second guitar was recorded during an equally friendly and efficient date. After, I requested a “raw” mix be made available. This request was fulfilled an hour or so later. These untouched recordings hinted that the songs were going to sound amazing! We did not offer much in the way of direction and pretty much gave Ricky carte blanche to do as he pleased. The finished mix included some embellishments and additions as well as some subtractions. Ricky acted as engineer, mixer, and producer. Keyboard, harmony vocal, and tambourine were added throughout. While these augmentations were unexpected and some parts that we thought were crucial did not make the cut, the songs sounded so good that we elected not to lobby for our personal parts to be adjusted in fear that we would fix something that is not broken. Once the final mixes were approved, Ricky assisted us with the copyrighting process free of charge. This was most appreciated and very helpful as this can be a confusing process for those unfamiliar. I would highly recommend Ricky Wascher and Cimamusic Mix and Mastering to anyone searching for a studio.


This was my first time recording with Ricky at Cimamusic and it definitely WON’T be the last! I ended up choosing Cimamusic based on the highly positive feedback I received from fellow Tucson musicians regarding Ricky and his talent. I’ve got to say they were spot on. From our planning sessions prior to recording all the way through to receiving my final recording, Ricky was a consummate professional. He puts you at ease from the moment you step into his studio. Such a relaxed and chill atmosphere for recording. He truly listens to what you are looking for in the song, is never pushy, and offers just the right amount of suggestions and expertise. He is clearly an expert at his craft AND extremely affordable. So pleased with the whole creative process and our song sounds amazing!


I am doubling down on the sentiment; especially after all the tracking we did this weekend back at Cimamusic Mix & Mastering for the sophomore Wrought Iron album.  Ricky Wascher is a wizard at the board.  For me, Cimamusic is pretty much a magical shimmering vortex of sound. Highly recommend as always!


Ricky’s skills as a mix engineer along with his personable demeanor and overall enthusiasm for music made my band’s experience working with him tremendously positive. He brought our songs to life in a way that really made them shine, even when working with less than favorable recorded tracks we couldn’t redo. He works hard at the mixing process, and doesn’t skip past the smaller details. He is also always keeping you up to speed on the progress of your music. We found Cimamusic by chance and we will be bringing our new songs to Ricky again in the future. Can’t recommend this guy enough.


This guy has got some of the best ears in the business the standard of his work e.g. engineering, mixing, mastering and a mean player along with that. I’ve done all of the above over 30 years but I would entrust him with my own projects. One of the best unsung pro’s out there, Highly recommended.


You do really good work Ricky and anyone would be lucky to work with you on their project! There are people out there who charge way more than you do for their services, but their work is not as memorable or consistent in production quality in my opinion. 


You can’t go wrong with Ricky over here at Cimamusic! Not only does he ask the right questions to get the sound that you’re looking for dialed in, but it also gets the creative muscles moving in his head to offer suggestions to those that are willing to accept it. And from my personal experience, they come out as well, if not better, than you expect. He isn’t pushy or controlling when it comes to the session. He allows the artist to be who they are, and he produces the song that they came for! If you are looking for an affordable expert to produce, mix and/or master your track, or all three start to finish, then you’ve found the right person! 


For years, with minimal gear and experience, we struggled with recording, mixing and mastering a home DIY album.  We finally gave that up and found somebody who actually has the gear and knows what he is doing:  Ricky Wascher, at Cimamusic Mix & Mastering.  The best decision we’ve made, and we would highly recommend working with Ricky for your next song or album.  He’s got the gear, his process is streamlined and the recording atmosphere is inviting and encouraging.   Behind the console, Ricky not only has the technical expertise of a top tier recording engineer, but he has great ears and instincts as a musician and producer to add the immediate bonus of quality control to every session.   It’s everything you’ve ever wished for out of a recording experience, wrapped up in one funny and engaging man. 


Man I’ve been getting the best feedback ever!! Everyone thought we would be a little garage band but they hear the record and they say it sounds like Metallica!! Thank you so much man!! If it wasn’t for you we would still have the garage sound!! Can’t wait to work with you more!


Hey all you musician folk out there, Cimamusic Mix & Mastering recording is top shelf, professional, and so easy to work with.  I HIGHLY recommend them to anyone looking to cut tracks.  From seasoned pros to first time in the studio, Ricky Wascher knows what he is doing and has ALL THE GEAR to get the sound you are looking for.  Satisfaction guaranteed!!!  Cimamusic Mix & Mastering kicks ass!!!


Cimamusic Mix and Mastering is a great place to record or mix or master your stuff. Ricky has the best gear, knows what he is doing, is affordable and the dude is a pleasure to work with. Give them a call you will not be disappointed!


I couldn’t be more satisfied with the skill Ricky brought to the recording of a very special song called “Cafe” by Paul and CindySue Graffeo available within the SoundCloud site or App. That has been a collaboration of many people, including Ricky himself, with his guitar intro! He has helped make this song an amazing work of art! Thanks, Ricky!


“Cimamusic Mix & Mastering was the best decision I ever made in my career as an artist. The amount of talent, dedication and professionalism of this studio is indescribable. I met Ricky when I was 17, and he was just the most honest and upfront person I have ever met. I let him know I was inexperienced and new to this whole situation, yet he never took advantage of that; that to me was everything. We started my project 2 years before we finished it, and it was merely because I fell from it. When I picked it up two years later, Ricky welcomed me with open arms and an open booth no questions asked. He was patient and creative, guiding me through the entire session and making sure I agreed on everything before moving on. The equipment used to record is seriously state of the art; at the sight of what I would be recording on, I was galvanized. Two unforgettable sessions later, I was blown away by his ability to mix and master. The creativity and vision he encouraged was always set on mine, and everything he added never deteriorated from what I aspired to do initially. I was completely blown away by the incredible outcome and the amazing quality of my entire project. My music would not be the same if not for the talented contribution by Ricky. My dream to record music was truly fulfilled by this proficient studio. I will be forever thankful and a constant returning guest to this prodigious producer. I recommend this studio to anyone thinking about recording or thinking about recording something else. Cimamusic Mix & Mastering is guaranteed to exceed your every expectation and give you the sound you deserve. If I could rate above five stars I would, a thousand times. Thank you for everything Cimamusic Mix & Mastering!”  


“Cimamusic Mix & Mastering is THE recording studio for any serious artist looking to stop making excuses why they can’t make a good recording and start recording their best work ever.  The studio provides the artist an opportunity to make a professional sounding recording within an intimate, fully equipped, home-based one-on-one atmosphere.  Mr. Ricky Wascher’s extensive knowledge and professional use of the Pro Tools program is matched only by his outstanding multi-instrumentalism, a methodical/dedicated work ethic, and veteran performance expertise – all used collectively and exclusively to highlight, maximize, and capture the artist’s talent(s) on every recorded verse, bridge and chorus.  Ever conscientious and supportive of the unknown artist, Mr. Wascher’s flexible and affordable rates further highlights Cimamusic Mix & Mastering’s commitment and dedication to providing all musicians, established and unknown, an opportunity to record their music.  Cimamusic Mix & Mastering is THE choice for any artist who is ready to stop saying, ‘I can’t’ and start saying, ‘I can’ today.”


“Ricky is a great musician and mixer. He brings his knowledge of music to every job – a real rarity these days. I highly recommend him!”


“I really enjoyed my session with Cimamusic Mix & Mastering! Ricky is a professional in his field, he is flexible and reasonable in price, and the environment was comfortable, spacious and clean! Which all goes over well with me. I would work with him again. Thank you!”


“Just wrapped my new release at Cimamusic Mix and Mastering and have to say what an enjoyable experience it was. Owner and producer Ricky Wascher Tavares was such a pleasure to work with. He is a musician himself which is always a plus in the in the booth. Ricky is always upgrading his equipment and he certainly knows his way around all of it. To watch him work that computer was as much fun as playing the songs. My particular project required several different sessions with each instrument and artist being brought in and layered separately. Ricky was always accommodating with a smile and a great attitude. I highly recommend to all musicians in Tucson and surrounding areas to give Cimamusic a try for any of your recording needs. My song went live today (December 15, 2016) on radio stations around the country and I am 100% confident that Ricky and Cimamusic can provide you with the same quality of mix. Thanks Ricky for your help, patience, and understanding of my unique situation.”


“Ricky is the consummate professional. He knows his gear and knows his craft. Besides having a great personality, which makes him a pleasure to work with, he is also an excellent musician who makes great suggestions with arrangements, engineering and production. We always look forward to working with him.”


“I have to give a HUGE shout-out to Ricky and Cimamusic! He did AMAZING work recording, mixing, and mastering my song. Ricky is incredibly skilled and a great guy to boot. If you are in need of some recording, mixing, or mastering, Cimamusic is the place to go. Thanks, Ricky!”


“Ricky’s approach to mixing is a perfect blend of technical know-how and creativity. His musical sensibilities allowed him to deliver a mix that was a near perfect match for the sound we had in our heads during the writing and recording process.”


“I just had the pleasure of working with Ricky Wascher-Tavares at his studio. With any new venture comes skepticism, self-doubt, and all the usual mixed feelings. Is this going to be a good representation of what I do? I’m a live player, does this really capture that? The studio can be cold and unforgiving. I felt very comfortable off the bat and banged this out in just a few hours. I was impressed with what he captured before any mixing, great tone. After a couple of weeks of mixing…..Holy Moley!! All my doubts subsided in a flash, this is just another form of expressing the same thing. We musicians need other talents to bring out our best. I’m very thankful for the passion Ricky brought to this. He went and is going above and beyond his call of duty. I look forward to future recordings!”


“I certainly appreciate all your help to arrange my song. I am very happy with the results, and I must confess I did not know what to expect, and the quality of your work, until I heard the new version of my song. I am extremely impressed with your talent and creativity. I have never sounded so good in my entire experience in recording multiple songs in the past 25 years. You brought up my music to the next level; you raised the bar in my expectations. I would surely highly recommend your services to anyone that is looking to record themselves on a budget basis. You rock!!”


“My new track, called ‘Cool Me Down,’ was recorded in St. Vincent and mixed and mastered at Cimamusic Mix & Mastering in Tucson, Arizona. I was very lucky to have Rick Wascher mix and master it for me. While working with Ricky, he taught me some important factors to consider when recording my music to get it mixed and mastered. I will say he is very good at this. I am looking forward to doing some more tracks with Ricky in the near future, so go check out my new track and other tracks from Cimamusic Mix & Mastering!”

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