Cimamusic Mix & Mastering is a professionally-equipped, home-based music production operation, providing a comprehensive, high-quality and affordable solution for audio recording, mixing, mastering, editing, arrangement and production needs for artists of all genres.

Our mission is to provide a resource to the music community by offering an unusual mix of high-quality gear, years of recording experience & competitive pricing to help artists achieve their goal of putting out a high-quality, radio-ready product without breaking the bank.

Cimamusic Mix & Mastering boasts an assortment of over 70 professional-quality microphones; recording desk, microphone preamps and outboard gear from top manufacturers including Trident, SSL, Focusrite, Dbx and Daking (plus Neve and API inspired mic pres); guitar & bass amplification; virtual effects and instruments; recording and editing software; professional monitors, etc. to achieve the most professional results for your productions.

We have over 20 years of experience recording, mixing and producing music!

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